Application processes

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Application processes

Regarding application for the shared use of the FX10 of Kyushu University in FY 2016

Regarding use of the Materials Studio

Request for change of the VLAN setting

To request to a change in the VLAN setting of the information outlets in laboratories, etc., fill in the form below and send it to

Text fileText file

  • Enter the subnet address or “VLAN of the laboratory” in the subnet address field.
  • To carry out the procedure for using the GI-Net, contact the Research Assistant Division.
  • You only need to submit an application for change of the VLAN setting if you are borrowing POLYCOM for the GI-Net for use in your laboratory.
    Enter “for GI-Net” in the subnet field.

Notes and a letter of assurance when using computers or the network

Application for a subnet connection

To connect a subnet to the network, refer to the procedure for connecting a subnet and send an application form to
If you do not have an email address, submit the application form below to the Information and Media Center office (1F).

Application for subnet addresses

For routing if you select “A. By routing service of the Information and Media Center,” read the explanation of the routing service.

Whether you select “A. By routing service of the Information and Media Center” or “B. Connecting to the connected segment,” please submit the following application form for the subnet connection and the list of connected devices within the subnet.

Application for the subnet connection

List of connected devices within the subnet

Request for change of the VLAN setting

To change the VLAN setting of the information outlets in laboratories, etc., use the following format.

Text fileText file

Application for server installation

To publish servers to outside the university, submit the following application form to

Application form for server installation


  1. An application for a DNS server installation must be submitted due to the open resolver issue (Jan. 2015). However, no application is required for the installation of a DNS cache server.
  2. Servers that can be accessed only via VPN (from outside the university) do not need to be registered.

Notes on web servers

  1. If you have a non-web server using port 80 or 8080, please submit the application for that server. (The connection will be blocked by the firewall if you do not submit an application.)
  2. Observe the information security policy of the university and do not send information that may provide a clue to attackers. Establish a system that prevents hacking.
  3. When a web server is hacked,
    • Unplug the network cable promptly and contact the IMC (ext. 6639).
    • As rebooting the server may erase any trace of the hacking, be careful not to reboot the server after the cable is unplugged.
    • We will verify that the computer has been hacked from outside the university, so please help us to preserve the evidence as far as possible.
    • The disks of a hacked server may be made unavailable for a long term to preserve the evidence.
  4. Administrators of devices should ensure the security of information by upgrading the OS of their web servers promptly and manage the update status of security software.
  5. When the server is used only as a web server and does not require remote login, do not start sshd/rshd/telnetd.

Incident Report

When a computer security incident occurs, for example, a managed device is infected by a virus or hacked by a cracker from outside the university, submit a report in the following format to

Application for domain name

A domain name is obtained by following the campus domain assignment policy. To obtain a fourth-level domain name, submit a domain name application to Network Division Manager.

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